Clay County Area Amateur Radio Club

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Amateur Radio Makes A Difference!

CCAARC is an Amateur Radio club using promotion to engage the public, who may have heard about Ham Radio, but never really looked into it before.
The club is slowly building a Youtube channel to share captivating videos highlighting all that #HamRadio has to offer. We hope this campaign will motivate folks to take a closer look, find their local Ham Radio Club, and Make A Difference!
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CCAARC comes to Life!

Formerly, the Flora, IL area was supported by the Clay County Amateur Radio Club. This however, became dormant in the mid-2000's.

In 2015, a renewal of interest was developed, and the club was reformed on January 27th 2016 and named the Clay County Area Amateur Radio Club.

The purpose of the club is to foster good-will in the local amateur radio community, provide a place for all persons interested in the hobby to share their ideas, develop their skills and knowledge, to encourage one another in their pursuits, to support and maintain local repeaters, and provide a communications resource to public officials and served agencies in times of need.

The club offers free Amateur Radio license examinations through the Laurel Volunteer Exam Coordinator.