Clay County Area Amateur Radio Club

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CCAARC Affiliated Repeaters:

      Flora, IL 2m Repeater

146.700- (FM) - TX PL Tone 103.5, RX PL Tone 100.0    ( Net on Thursday 8PM)

      Noble, IL 2m Repeater         

146.760- (FM) - PL Tone 94.8/ RAN 1   (Analog WIRES-X Internet Linked)

      Noble, IL 70cm Repeater

442.375+ (C4FM Fusion) - No Tone   (Internet linked to the "Illinois Link" room)                            

Surrounding Repeaters:

442.525+ (FM) - PL Tone 141.3                            Olney, IL 70cm Repeater (Linked)

147.330+ (C4FM) - No Tone                                 Burnt Prairie, IL  (Link to Indiana Southern Grp)

146.895- (FM) - PL Tone 110.9                             Effingham, IL 2m Repeater

147.200+ (FM) - PL Tone 103.5                            Centralia, IL 2m Repeater

145.130- (FM) - PL Tone 88.5                               Fairfield, IL 2m Repeater

146.670+ (FM) PL Tone 91.5                                Vincennes, IN 2m Repeater

(Disclaimer: The above listings are not meant to duplicate repeater information already posted on other repeater websites, but to be starting point with basic area repeater info for open repeaters with analog access.)

Repeater Websites: